The Theological Significance of the Eighth Day

In recent decades, the “eighth day” has been taken up by American pop-culture as something of a rhetorical literary device. When I was in high school there was a somewhat … Read more→

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The Righteous One

The Righteous One of Psalm One

In recent years there has been pushback on the idea that every Psalm is Messianic. Perhaps it is born out of a failure to understand the typological nature of the … Read more→

Veiled 1

The Covenant of Works, the Law and the Mosaic Covenant

With so much confusion floating around at present about the precise relationship between the Covenant of Works, the Law and the Mosaic Covenant, I thought that it might be helpful to … Read more→


10 Must-Read Pre-Reformation Works

If there is one area in which  young Reformed men preparing for seminary have generally failed to give adequate attention it is to the writings of the period from the … Read more→


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Mansions in Glory

Mansions in Glory?

If you were really into Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in the 80′s, or like to get your theology from Elvis Presley, then you’ve probably joyfully engaged conversation with other Christians over the … Read more→


7 Characteristics of Spiritually Beneficial Friendships

Since the earliest days of my Christian experience, I’ve had the privilege of forming friendships with brothers and fathers who are wiser, more mature, more spiritually minded, more experienced, more humble and … Read more→


Preach the Gospel to Yourself?

10 or so years ago, it was exceedingly common to hear people in the broader Reformed and Evangelical circles saying things like, “You’ve got to learn to preach the Gospel to … Read more→


Time for a Spirit Check

One of the things that disturbs me most in life is having to drive down a backwood road in Southeast Georgia behind a truck (and it’s always a truck!) going … Read more→


Mini Sermons For the Soul to Sing

I’ve come to enjoy thinking of the great hymns of the church as “mini sermons for the soul to sing.” This is one of the main reasons why we should … Read more→

Spurgeon preaching

Spurgeon on Expositional Reading and Teaching in the Worship Service?

Recently, I’ve been wondering if C.H. Spurgeon’s style of preaching (i.e. the practice of taking a single verse and then constantly repeating it throughout the sermon, while making doctrinal and applicatory … Read more→


The Dangers and Duty of Confessing Sin to One Another

“Open Confession is good for the soul,” or so the maxim goes. Perhaps it might also be said, “Open Confession is  good for your relationship with God and men.” … Read more→


The Human Growth of Jesus

Over the past two years, I have tried to wrap my mind around what it means for Jesus to have been fully human. Reformed and Evangelical theologians have rightly fixated on … Read more→


Geerhardus Vos on Supra- and Infra- Lapsarianism

I generally wouldn’t dream of writing a post on the surpa- vs. infra- lapsarian debate, for the very reason that I don’t believe that it bears much fruit at … Read more→

breath Spirit

Jesus: The Breath of Life

There is a fascinating biblical-theological development from creation to new creation having to do with “the breath of life.” Moving from Creation to Redemption, the teaching of Scripture on the “breath … Read more→

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