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What Should We Do When They Stray?

Of all the painful experiences that I have had to face through nearly a decade in ministry–the death of a mother, couples enduring the heartbreak of miscarriage, strife, abuse, divorce, scandal, etc.–having to … Read more→

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7 Areas of Unbiblical Conscience Binding

In what is one of the most beloved statements penned in all of church history, the Westminster Divines explained that “God alone is Lord of the conscience, and has left it … Read more→

Fencing the Table

On Fencing the Lord’s Table

Of all the phraseology that we used in Reformed churches, among the most misunderstood is that of “fencing the table.” You will most certainly hear this phrase in those churches that … Read more→

Trust Christ

Trusting Christ to Provide

One of my sinful shortcomings is that I love to take matters into my own hands. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not alone in this. Whenever I … Read more→


Of Interest


The Symbolism of the Rainbow

Yesterday one of my sons asked me why there were so many rainbows on the television and internet. Most of us have have seen them on children’s books and clothing … Read more→

Gomer Pyle

Nothing Should Surprise Us

Something of a naive optimism manifests itself in the thinking of many Christians in North America. Maybe this has always been the case and I’ve just begun taking note; or, maybe it’s something unique … Read more→


A Multiplicity of Mentors

Having returned from the 43rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the enormous blessing–not only of being with the many dear … Read more→

Marks of Orthodoxy

Marks of Orthodoxy?

I must have heard the words “orthodox” and “orthodoxy” in my home hundreds–if not thousands–of times as a boy. For whatever reason, I never cared to ask my father what they … Read more→

Pastoral Ministry

The Complexity of Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is exceedingly complex. In seminary, our professors taught us to labor to become discriminating preachers–that is, men who preach to different categories of hearers in the congregation. In … Read more→


The Pastor and Social Media

A number of years ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who has a fairly substantial public ministry. We were discussing the issue of motives in ministry and the … Read more→

Spiritual Warfare

Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Warfare

Pastoral ministry is unrelenting spiritual warfare. There was a time in Protestant history when an emphasis on spiritual warfare in the Christian life and in pastoral ministry was standard fare. … Read more→


The God of Typological Recapitulation

The Scriptures are full of typological recapitulations to help us better grasp the Person and work of Christ. The principle of theological recapitulation occurs by a series of creation-fall-redemption events. Many of these are … Read more→

Edwards Preaching

Jonathan Edwards’ Preferred Method of Delivery In Preaching


If you have spent any amount of time reading books or articles, or listening to lectures, about the ministry of the great Jonathan Edwards, you have, no doubt, come across … Read more→


The Real Miracle

A friend recently said to me, “I don’t deserve the life I have. Years ago I was wandering from God out in the far country and He saved me; He … Read more→

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