Romans 7

John Piper’s 10 Reasons Why Romans 7:14-25 Is About The Christian’s Experience

One of the most widely debated portions of Scripture in the history of biblical interpretation is, no doubt, that portion of Romans 7 in which Paul speaks of what has … Read more→

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three uses

The Third Use of the Law and the Finished Work of Christ

R. Scott Clark recently interviewed me on the Heidelcast regarding the post below. While there has been much debate over the precise nuances of the relationship between justification and sanctification, … Read more→


The Greatest Explanation Of What Happens In Conversion

Many of the readers of this blog will be familiar with Jonathan Edwards’ well-known sermon A Divine and Supernatural Light, in which Edwards explains the biblical and theological idea of regeneration. … Read more→


How Did Jesus Read the Old Testament?

There has been something of a biblical-theological revolution over the past several decades. It is not a revolution in which new doctrines are being uncovered so much as it is … Read more→


Of Interest


The Christward Collective

You may have noticed that content on this blog has slowed down a bit. Part of the reason for this is the schedule that I have as a husband, father, … Read more→

JE CHURCH (video)

Jonathan Edwards Christology of the Song of Songs

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of giving a lecture on “Jonathan Edwards’ Christology of the Song of Songs” at the Jonathan Edwards for the Church Conference at Durham … Read more→

Definitive Sanctification

The Most Important Overlooked Doctrine (Part 2)

In the previous post we briefly considered the biblical teaching on what is commonly called definitive sanctification. In this post we want to briefly consider yet another aspect of the biblical teaching on … Read more→

David Type

Jonathan Edwards on David as a Type of Christ

From my earliest days as a believer I have had a fascination with the biblical and typological parallels between King David and Jesus. Much has been written on this subject, … Read more→

Definitive Sanctification

The Most Important Overlooked Doctrine?

What is the most important overlooked biblical doctrine? Without hesitation, I would suggest that it is the doctrine of definitive sanctification.1 It was the late Professor John Murray who first articulated … Read more→

pitfalls of parachurch

Pitfalls of Parachurch

I want to be as clear as possible at the outset. I, in no way, want this post to be received as a vitriolic rant against parachurch ministries. Rather, it … Read more→


Geerhardus Vos on the Covenant of Works

With Logos’ release of each translated volume of Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics we become the grateful beneficiaries of some of the church’s greatest theological treasures. In his second volume, on Anthropology, Vos taught … Read more→


Reading and Preaching the Text in Context

Everyone has their favorite preachers. For some, delivery is most appealing; for others, it is giftedness in thought and creativity; still for others, it is the gentleness, joy or boldness … Read more→


On Refuting Theological Error

Under their section titled “On the Preaching of the Word,” in The Directory for the Public Worship of God, the Scottish Divines give us a very short and very wise statement … Read more→


A Biblical Theology of the Good Shepherd

As we consider the many biblical theological themes that are unfolded throughout the Scriptures, our mind ought to be drawn to many of the passages in the Prophets in which … Read more→

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