Echoes of Glory

Echoes of the Glory of Christ

When we think of the humiliation and exaltation of Christ we tend to do so in terms of the two stages of His incarnate existence–namely, His incarnation/death and His resurrection/ascension. … Read more→

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The Insatiable Quest for Greatness

Not that long ago, a friend of mine who is church planting told me that one of the ministers in the church planting network to which he belongs told him, … Read more→

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The Most Neglected Part of Christ’s Saving Work

In recent years, it has become more commonplace to hear certain theologians emphasize that the ascension and present reign of Christ are the most neglected aspects of His work of … Read more→


The Crown of Thorns

The crown of thorns was the symbol of the cursed ground out of which man was taken. When Adam rebelled, he rejected God’s reign and crowned himself king. God pronounced … Read more→


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The Spiritual Stages of a Believer’s Life

1 John 2:12-14 gives us one of the most wonderful prose-like theological structures in Scripture. The Apostle, writing about the benefits that believers have in Christ casts it under the … Read more→


Sing Your Heart Out

Many years ago, I had an employer who was intent on trying to provoke me with a variety of sacrilegious jokes and statements. Having just come back from visiting her parents over one … Read more→


Jesus and the Flaming Sword at the East Gate

There is absolutely nothing arbitrary about the details pertaining to the great works of God recorded in Scripture. From the earliest recorded revelation in the history of redemption, the Lord gave tiny … Read more→

Curse Reversed

The Curse Reversed

One of the great keys to understanding the nature of Jesus’ saving work is to understand the nature of the curse pronounced by God on His rebellious image bearers. No … Read more→


A Biblical Theology of the Trees of the Garden

At the outset of the biblical record, two trees stood at the center of God’s covenantal dealing with man–the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree … Read more→


A Match Made in Heaven

Genesis 2:18-25 is one of the most wonderful–as well as most neglected–portions of Scripture. It contains the first recorded human words spoken: “This is now bone of my bone and … Read more→

Sacred Space

6 Thoughts on Sacred Space

When God created Adam, he set apart sacred space in which he would enter into fellowship with his newly created image bearer. Just as He had created time and space (Gen. … Read more→

Sacred Time

7 Thoughts on Sacred Time

Among the diverse and manifold truths revealed in the Genesis account of Creation, we discover that God set apart two spheres of worship–sacred time and sacred space. Since all that God created … Read more→


Imagining the Image of God

There is a speech in the 2nd act of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which Shakespeare puts into the mouth of Hamlet a description of man that is matched in greatness only … Read more→

Light darkness

A Divine Division

The God who divided the light from darkness, evening from the morning, the waters under the heavens from those above, the dry land from the sea, different kinds of fish, … Read more→

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