18th and 19th Century Scottish Presbyterian Works Online

Among the outstanding Scottish works of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries available online are the following:

Thomas Chalmers Romans – A masterful series of expositions on the Epistle to the Romans.

Thomas Chalmers Sermons Preached at the Tron – These particular sermons concern the natural man’s need for conversion. They includes Chalmers’ famous sermon, The Expulsive Power of a New Affection.

John Maclaurin The Works of John Maclaurin – MacLaurin was a correspondent of Jonathan Edwards and was engaged in the organization of the Concert of Prayer. Among the noteworthy works included in this volume are Prejudices Against the Gospel and his essay on the Doctrine of Divine Grace. Everything that Maclaurin wrote is worth all the time you take to read them. They are especially noteworthy for their superb theological depth.

James Robe Narratives of the Extraordinary Work of the Spirit of God – An all important work, tracing the theological and historical details of the Cambuslang revivals in the 18th Century.

The Works of Ralph Erkine – Erskine was the elder brother of Ebenezer Erskine and one of the chief evangelical Calvinists of his time. He was one of the renown Marrow Men. His sermons are Christocentric and fine examples of experiential Calvinism:

Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 1

Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 2

Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 3

Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 4

Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 5

Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 6

Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 7

Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 8

Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 9

The Works of Ebenezer Erskine – The often more remembered of the Erskine brothers. He, nevertheless, followed in his elder brother’s footsteps. Ebenezer’s sermons are more logical and focused, yet full of the Christological emphasis found in the sermons of his brother. You will want to read his sermon The Rainbow of the Covenant Surrounding the Throne of Grace.

Works of Ebenezer Erskine vol. 1

Works of Ebenezer Erskine vol. 2

Works of Ebenezer Erskine vol. 3

Thomas Boston A View of the Covenant of Grace and Human Nature in Its Fourfold State. Two of the many works of Boston that every pastor should read. Like the Erskines, Boston was an outspoken supporter of the Marrow theology.

Edward Fisher The Marrow of Modern Divinity While not technically a Scottish work, this volume influenced the Marrow movement and the defense of evangelical Calvinism in Scotland in the 18th and 19th Century. It is a book that everyone should read.

James M’Kerrow History of the Secession Church

James Muirhead Dissertations on the Foederal Transactions Between God and His Church – Very rare and exceptional treatise on Covenant Theology from an 18th Century Scottish theologian.

William Cunningham Sermons 1828 to 1860

Andrew Wellwood A Glimpse of Glory: A Gospel Discovery of Emmanuel’s Land.

We are well aware that more such works can be added to this list, so if you want to do the hard work of providing a link we welcome any additions. If you want to do the easy work of telling us without providing the appropriate link please write your own post.

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  1. Here are some William Cunningham titles available to read online.

    Theological Lectures:

    Historical Theology (Vols. 1 & 2):

    The Reformers and the Theology of the Reformation:

    Discussions on Church Principles: Popish, Erastian, and Presbyterian:

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    Thank you for all the links. I wanted to post more from Bannerman and Cunningham, but was getting tired when I wrote the post. Thank you also for the work you are doing on Poole’s Synopsis Criticorum.

  3. Thank you for your kind words, and for bringing attention to these Scottish Presbyterian works. It is good to see godly literature from ages gone appreciated in the 21st century. Blessings!

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