Some Important Biblical-Theological Works Online

Below is a list of some of the more useful historically Reformed biblical-theological works:


John Weemes An Exposition of the Ceremonial Laws(1632)

Thomas Taylor Christ Revealed: A Treatise on the Types and Shadows of Our Savior(1635)

John Brinsley The Mystery of the Brazen Serpent(1652)

Thomas Taylor Moses and Aaron, or the Types and Shadows of the Old Testament Opened(1653)

Samuel Rutherford The Covenant of Life Opened(1674)

Samuel Petto The Difference Between the Old and New Covenant(1674)

William Strong Discourse of the Two Covenants(1678)

Samuel Mather The Figures or Types of the Old Testament(1683)

Jonathan Edwards, A History of the Work of Redemption, (1786)

Jonathan Edwards, Typological Writings (WJE Online Vol. 11), (1744)

William McEwen Grace and Truth: The Glory and Fullness of the Redeemer Displayed, (1792)

John Muirhead, The Foederal Transactions Between God and His Church, (1782)

Patrick Fairbairn, The Typology of Scripture, (1854)

Benjamin Keach’s Tropologia: A Key to Open Scriptual Metaphors(1858)

Charles Colcock Jones, The History of the Church of God During the Period of Revelation, (1861)

Thomas Peck, Notes on Ecclesiology, (1892) (From the library of B.B. Warfield).

Stuart Robinson, Discourses of Redemption , (1866)



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  1. Nicholas T. Batzig

    Jay, I really believe these are some of the greatest theological works produced by post-reformation theologians. I did realize that Edwards’ History of the Work of Redemption was quite a bit more well known than the others. But they are all very similar in some respects. Some might wonder why I put Peck’s notes on ecclesiology in this list. I included it because I have come to believe that biblical theology is covenant theology and ecclesiology is simply a branch of covenant theology. I have been working on how to formulate this most carefully for the past four years and hope to write something on it in the near future. I would recommend C. N. Willborn’s article on Southern Presbyterian Biblical Theology in the volume of Essays in honor of O. Palmer Robertson.

  2. Camden Bucey

    Yes, that’s why I said I need to get one! The Amazon Kindle is the device to have, however Sony makes one as well. There are two issues: the readers use proprietary formats for books you purchase and I don’t believe theological publishers are releasing books for the Kindle yet.

  3. Thanks Nick for all your posts, especially the ones that uncover some of the Presbyterian riches from the past. These are largely new to me and my interest in Old School Presbyterianism is increasing.

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