The John Murray Collection

I was weaned on the writings of the members of the original faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. The older I get, the more I realize how much I especially owe to the work of the late Professor John Murray. Murray served as the professor of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary from 1930-1966. Among his published works that I have found most helpful are his essays, articles, chapters and sermons in the Collected Writings of John MurrayRedemption Accomplished and Applied, Principles of Conduct (esp. the appendices), his commentary on Romans, and his book on Divorce. There are also several solitary chapters and short writings by Murray worth reading. For instance, the student of theology will benefit from reading Murray’s short introduction to the Beveridge edition of Calvin’s Institutes. Additionally, as far as theological explanation of the internal witness of Scripture to its divine authorship is concerned, there is almost nothing so helpful as Murray’s chapter, “The Attestation of Scripture,” in Scripture and Confession

Recently, Westminster Seminary Press published a volume of sermons that Professor Murray preached, titled, O Death, Where is Thy Sting? This work includes a number of sermons that Murray preached on various portions of Romans, as well as several other individual texts. The audio from the last five chapters are available below:

Westminster Theological Seminary has made several of the lectures and chapel messages available at their media center. Thankfully, we also have the audio of a significant number of other lectures and sermons available at various sites online:

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