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Misinterpreting Brute Facts

Van Til is often [completely] misunderstood regarding his teaching on brute facts.  For those unfamiliar with Van Til, a brute fact is one that is completely uninterpreted.  It is a … Read more→

Westminster (PA) and Justification

I’m certain this video will ruffle a few feathers.  Regardless of your view of justification’s position in the ordo salutis, this is a very clear and concise presentation by Lane … Read more→

Tipton on Calvin and Union with Christ

Westminster Theological Seminary has posted a video of Lane Tipton speaking about Calvin and the doctrine of union with Christ. He places an important emphasis on the person of … Read more→

James Dolezal on Calvin

James Dolezal discussed Calvin for the Craig Center at Westminster Theological Seminary.

The Calvin Conspiracy

The latest issue of Modern Reformation has unleashed the reformed conspiracy theorists.  As visitors to the Reformed Forum are well aware, the differences in the reformed world concerning the precise … Read more→

On the Nature and Necessity of Proof-Texting

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone in the church warn against proof texting. Proof-texting, of course, is that method of defending theological truth by means … Read more→

TLF Session #2 – Ligon Duncan on Sytematic Theology and Pastoral Ministry

Dr. Duncan opened his talk by saying “If you are a pastor you are a theologian, the only question is, ‘Are you going to be a good one or a … Read more→

Vos on the Reformed Formulation of Union with Christ

By faith [the Christian] is a member of the covenant [of grace], and that faith has a wide outlook, a comprehensive character, which not only points to justification but also … Read more→

Linguistic Limitations and Special Revelation

In Van Til’s Apologetic: Readings and Analysis Greg Bahnsen brings up an interesting point regarding the role of special revelation.
Supernatural verbal revelation is, according to Van Til, inherent in … Read more→

Is Sanctification Part of the Gospel?

We will be asking Dr. Richard Gaffin this very question on a future episode of Christ the Center. Many understand this question to mean “Am I saved by good works?” … Read more→