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Quite Possibly The Best Series Sinclair Ferguson Has Preached

Of all the series that I have heard Sinclair Ferguson preach, I think that this was the finest.You’ll also be interested to know that hundreds of the sermons Dr. Ferguson … Read more→

Blog Posts of Interest

James Grant, Jr., over at In Light of Gospel, has gathered and posted some helpful blog posts over the last week:How Much Christ in the Old Testament (Check out some … Read more→

New Ferguson and Ryken Sermon Series

Sinclair Ferguson has begun a series on the book of Romans on Sunday evenings at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC. You can find those sermons here. Dr. Ferguson is … Read more→

Who Does John Piper Listen To?

In a day when we have the privilege of listening to any preacher in the world at the push of a button I find it interesting to know who some … Read more→

Sinclair Ferguson on Owen, the Sealing of the Spirit, and the Trials of the Christian

Sinclair Ferguson, while giving a lecture about John Owen on the Holy Spirit, explained that the trials through which the Christian goes are actually evidence of the sealing of the … Read more→

Sinclair Ferguson Sermons and Lectures – PCA General Assembly

The following are sermons or lectures that Sinclair Ferguson gave at various PCA General Assemblies. The second message, “The Heart of the Gospel,”  is a sermon he preached at the … Read more→

Covenant Church (Houston, TX) Theology Conference Audio

Covenant Church (PCA) in Houston, TX has had some noteworthy speakers at their Theology Conferences over the past 18 years. Speakers include Sinclair Ferguson, Geoff Thomas, O. Palmer Robertson, Joseph … Read more→

Sinclair Ferguson on Baptism

A while back I posted a lecture that Sinclair Ferguson delivered at the first Westminster Confession of Faith Conference, hosted by RPTS. The lecture was on “Baptism and the Westminster … Read more→

Redemptive History, Adoption and Thinking in Categories

While most people want an immediate, simple, one-dimensional answer to every theological question, God expects us to give ourselves to a diligent, prayerful and careful study of Scripture. In an … Read more→

Sermons on Heaven and Hell

Here are some links to some sermons that deal with the often ignored subjects of Heaven and Hell. Speakers include Sinclair Ferguson, John Piper, John Murray, Edward Donnelly and Frederick … Read more→