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A Few Preaching Resources

As the week winds down, I figured I’d share a few preaching resources that have been of use to me lately.  R. L. Dabney’s book Evangelical Eloquence: A Course of … Read more→

Sinclair Ferguson Lectures on Preaching Christ and the Gospel

RTS has an annual John Reed Miller Lecture Series. In 2005 they hosted Sinclair Ferguson. Dr. Ferguson gave a series of lectures on preaching Christ and preaching the Gospel. The … Read more→

Derek Thomas on Preaching the God-Breathed Scriptures

Here is the link to very insightful quote by Derek Thomas on preaching the God-breathed Scriptures.

Sinclair Ferguson on Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

I recently found this short work by Sinclair Ferguson on preaching Christ from the Old Testament. It is really quite helpful.

Dale Ralph Davis MP3s and Resources

Here is the link to sermons that Dale Ralph Davis preached during his time (1988-1993) at Aisquith Presbyterian Church in Parkville, MD . Currently, Rev. Davis is the Pastor … Read more→

The Joys of Preaching

As I continue to make my way through John Carrick’s new volume, The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards, I am continually astounded at the Northampton pastor-theologian’s preaching skills. A particularly … Read more→

What are Your Motives for Preaching?

Here is an interesting story about ministers and their motives in preaching. I’m not sure its entirely accurate on every level but I do think it is a good reminder … Read more→

Who Does John Piper Listen To?

In a day when we have the privilege of listening to any preacher in the world at the push of a button I find it interesting to know who some … Read more→

Preach with Authority

While its been some time since I’ve watched this, I have often thought about how valuable a lesson is here for Gospel preachers. I have heard too many preachers preach … Read more→

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

As I continue to read through Iain Murray’s splendid volume Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace I have been blessed and strengthened by the example set by the good doctor ML-J. … Read more→