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The Erosion of Inerrancy

I just received a copy of G.K. Beale’s new book The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism from Crossway. It is a direct response to Peter Enns’ Inspiration and Incarnation. I … Read more→

Carl Trueman and David Garner on WTS

Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia has released some new documents by two of their faculty members. These docs explain further the recent decisions of the board of Trustees concerning the … Read more→

Scott Oliphint on Enns

Scott Oliphint, Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, has just released his critique of Peter Enn’s Inspiritation and Incarnation. You can find it here.Other helpful reveiws … Read more→

Gaffin Critique of Peter Enns

If D.A. Carson, Paul Helm, G.K. Beale (review and rejoinder), Peter Lillback, Lane Tipton, Scott Oliphint and John Frame were not enough, Richard Gaffin has now offered his critique of Peter Enn’s controversial work Inspiration and … Read more→

John Frame Critique of Pete Enns

John Frame has a critique of Peter Enn’s book. You can find this here. While it is not the most penetrating analysis it is still worth reading.

Lane Tipton on Incarnation, Inspiration and the Holy Spirit

Lane Tipton has written a fine article for the Ordained Servant, the magazine of the OPC. The premise of this article is that when we come to speak about an … Read more→

The Enns of All Controversy

Peter Enns is expected to release parts of his 38 page response to the Board of Westminster Theological Seminary today. I don’t think that most people understand the gravity of … Read more→

Materials Released by the Board of Westminister Theological Seminary

I suppose I am slower than I should be once again, but the following is a link to several very important documents released by the Board of Westminster Theological Seminary … Read more→

A Thought on Ancient Near Eastern Literature and the Old Testament

As I re-read the response that Paul Helm made to Peter Enns I realized that Helm has pointed out something I have been thinking about since I took a course … Read more→

Helm’s response to Enns

In a follow up to a discussion he had with Peter Enns, Paul Helm has posted some further criticisms of Enns’ controverial work Inspiration and Incarnation. You can read Helm’s … Read more→