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Horton Reads a Catholic Book!

Michael Horton has received some flak recently for endorsing Scott Hahn’s latest book.  You can read his response here.  Disagree if you must regarding the efficacy of these kinds of … Read more→

Gaffin Reviews Horton

Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. briefly reviewed Michael Horton’s Covenant and Salvation in Ordained Servant.  The main criticism lies in Horton’s performative notion of the declaration of justification.

Christless Christianity DVD

You can see a clip of Michael Horton’s Christless Christianity DVD on YouTube.

HT: Kevin Efflandt

New Carson/Horton audio on Galatians and Justification

Thanks to Justin Taylor for pointing out the new audio from the Clarus Conference online. The subject was Galatians and Justiciation, and the speakers were D.A. Carson and Michael Horton. … Read more→