The Pastoral Year in Review

At the end of each year, I draft a summary of all of the preaching, teaching, visitation, writing, counseling, speaking, church outreach, ecclesiastical meetings and other labors in which I have been pastorally engaged in over the course of the year. This summary then goes out to our congregants at our new year meeting. We do this for several reasons. First, I personally find it to be a helpful encouragement (especially if it has been a particularly difficult year in ministry). When a pastor takes the time to sit down and recap everything that he has done over the course of the year, it often surprises him to see how much he has actually accomplished. Second, the elders of our particular congregation encourage me to do this–as they believe that it serves the local church to which I have been called by God to pastor. When congregants see the labors in which their minister has been engaged, it reminds them of their need to pray for him (Eph. 6:19), encourage him and continue to hold him accountable to “fulfill his ministry in the Lord” (Col. 4:17). To that end, here is my 2017 Pastoral Year in Review.

Additionally, I usually try to compile a list of the articles and posts that I have written over the year. Here is the list of what I have written in 2017 (some of which have not yet been published):


Faithfulness and Fruitfulness
The Gift of Entertainment
Jesus the True Israel
Jesus the True Israel (Part 2)
Jesus the True Israel (Part 3)
The Priesthood of Christ (forthcoming publication)
Dimensions of the Cross (forthcoming publication)
Substitutionary Atonement (forthcoming publication)
Christus Victor (forthcoming publication)

Gospel Coalition

Hope When Your Children Stray

Gospel Reformation Network

Maintaining Unity in the PCA

The Usefulness of the Westminster Standards (Video)

Modern Reformation

The Holy Spirit and the Trinitarian Controversy (forthcoming publication)

Reformation 21

Proverbs 8:23, the Eternal Generation of the Son and the History of Reformed Exegesis
Striving to Escape the Fall
To Be A Diaper Changer
Jesus and the Victim Card
Redemptive History, Union with Christ and the Liturgical Calendar
The Ecclesiastical Pendulum Swing
Identity, Affinity and Christ
The Greek Orthodox Answer Man?
If Christ is Not Risen…
Luther and Calvin’s Quiet Discussions in Heaven
Expect the Unexpected
In Defense of the Sabbatical
Justifying a Non-Repeatable Justification
Military Cases of Conscience
The Christ-Haunted Song
Why Did Jesus Need the Holy Spirit?
Game of Dethroning Sexual Sin
Love the Sinner as You Love Your Sinful Self?
Closely Connected Care
The Great Pope Within
The Old Perspective on the Works of the Law
James, Justification and the Human Court
Hollywood, Capitol Hill and the Human Heart
Creation, Incarnation and the Immutability of God
A Better Jerusalem

Christward Collective

Preaching the Funeral of an Unbeliever
Keeping Short Accounts
When We Worship Our Worship
It’s All About the Recovery
Giving and Receiving Commendation
The Extra Ministry Mile
Discovering Christ in the Psalms
The Patient God
A Spiritual Brotherhood
Don’t Waste Your Commute
What Are Your Waiting For?
Bringing Our Children to the Table
The Serpent Conquering Last Adam and True Israel
6 Ways to Redeem Thanksgiving
The Unique Church

Feeding on Christ

Reestablishing Ministry Goals
Singing the Mediatorial Praises of Jesus
7 Ways to Care for Your Wife
Picking Up Sticks in the Service of Jesus
When They Walk Away
Did God Ordain Evil?
Jesus Loves the Rich
Gospel Motivations for Gospel Ministry
When Christians Hurt You
Interpretive Indecisiveness
Of Ministers and Marriages
A Biblical Theology of Glory
The Reach of the Gospel
Being Professional in Ministry
The Roller Coaster Effect of Ministry
Old Man, New Man; Dead Man, True Man
The Weight of the Church
The Digital Sermon
A Spiritual Inheritance
The Greatest Book Never
Destroying the Good for the Better
Reading God’s Providence
When the Preaching is Bad
Identifying Elders and Deacons
Diagnostic Decision Making
Nothing to Complain About
The Sitting Christ
The Ministerial Decrease
The Unhypocritical Jesus
Gospel Poetry at the Table
The Last Cry of Dereliction
Doctrine, Denominations and Division
Criticizing Our Camp
The Prophet and the Prophets
When Speaking About Jesus’ Bride
The Social Media Echo Chamber
The Judgment-Mercy of God
On Being a Lifelong Learner
The Grace of Confessing Sin

He Reads Truth

Judah’s Leaders Judged
The Lord Rises Up
Christ Heals Injury and Illness
Wisdom From Above
Guilty as Charged
From Groans to Glory
Samuel’s Final Speech
David’s Song of Thanksgiving
The King Honors Mordecai
Israel Blessed
From Exile to Victory
Tell the Truth
The Two Foundations
The Root and Branch of David
Mary Visits Elizabeth
Build Each Other Up (forthcoming publication)
Jesus Begins His Ministry (forthcoming publication)
Jesus’ Glory and Power (forthcoming publication)
The Lord Provides in the Wilderness (forthcoming publication)
The Incense Altar (forthcoming publication)
Making the Ark (forthcoming publication)
The Secure Tomb (forthcoming publication)

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    Nick, I just wanted to express my appreciation for your excellent work.
    The name of the site perfectly represents its content!

    I would love to see you apply your writing skills to produce Christ-glorifying books in the future.

    Every blessing in Christ,

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